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C o r n c o c k l e       P u b l i c a t i o n  No.2


Ten Poems for Performance 






Ten Poems for Performance is a collection of rich and varied poems for performance in youth clubs, social gatherings and secondary schools.  Additional notes on the poems give practical ideas for performance as well as prompting reflection and further study.  Creative responses in art, music and dance make these poems valuable for cross-curricular links in schools.



Most of the poems in this collection have been performed as a solo voice.

Some benefit from two voices or more, and/or full stage production.


Sample lines from Stevie (front cover illustration):

"He can take off like a rocket / leave you standing with a gasp / Accelerate into the future / he can leave you in the past".

Extracts from notes on Stevie:

Stevie is a fast rider. Is he also an inconsiderate rider ?...  Does this mean he is an inconsiderate person ?... Can you draw a Medieval Martion motor-bike rider ?

Extract from notes on Romance:

Add verses if you wish, taking care to keep to the rhythm of the poem...  Feel free to add your own music: My words - your music.

Extracts from notes on An Enthusiast visits Monet's Garden at Giverny: 

If you are performing this at school, ask the art department for some paintings to exhibit on screens, to add interest to the settings.


Ten Poems for Performance  ISBN 978-0-9562726-0-7.  A4 booklet, saddle-stitched, 22 pages . June 2009

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