Corncockle Book Launch.   Sunday 16th August 2009


Over 60 people attended the Book launch in Winterton Hall, Plaistow, West
West Sussex on Sunday 16th August 2009.


The setting: the village hall, situated between the local shop and the duck pond and facing the village green, proved an idyllic location on this sunny afternoon.  Music by Don & Phil of Hot Pot, garden flowers decorating the tables and a long table rapidly filling with cakes home-baked by loyal supporters set a welcoming atmosphere. 


The programme comprised readings from both Corncockle (publication date 23rd July, 2009) and Ten Poems for Performance, (publication date 5th June, 2009).  Poems were read and performed by members of Slipstream Poets and Sussex poets Fay Marshall and Susan Skinner. Country music from Hot Pot complemented the readings.





2 Ė p.m.           guests arrive

2.15     music from Hot Pot


2.30 Welcome  & Fire notices etc                                                       Diana Mitchener

Short talk on Poetry in West Sussex & outline of programme               Mandy Pannett

(3 sections, 13 poems in all), taken from 2 books,

read by members of Slipstream, & Fay Marshall of Chanctonbury writers


Part 1

Readings from Corncockle

On Reading New Poets                                                                      Diana Mitchener

Provence in July                                                                                  Jill Redford

Tai Chi in Summer                                                                              Betty Gillman

Corncockle (with explanation of title)                                                  Susan Skinner

How delicate our thoughts are ( & ref to sweet peas)                          Mandy Pannett




Part 2

Readings from Corncockle & Ten Poems

Monetís Garden          (10 Ps)                                                              Gillie Reid

Omens                         (10 pís)                                                            Diana Mitchener

I am the house             (Corncockle)                                                     Mandy Pannett

Guests                         (10 Ps)                                                              Rose Bray &

David, Jill & ??



Part 3

Readings from Corncockle & Ten Poems

Diana identifies Poets & Books ask for volunteers for egg & spoon race

Sports Day                  (10 Pís)                                                           David Slade

Sleeping Bunnies        (Corncockle)                                                     Fay Marshall

Breakdance                 (10 Pís)                                                           Diana Mitchener

Stevie on his Speed Machine  (10 Pís)                                                Diana Mitchener



Tea & Cakes -  background music


Book signing by all poets



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