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Corncockle Press


is an independent press set up and run by

Diana Mitchener. It is based in West Sussex

and was founded in 2009.


the name of this wild flower was handed

out during a poetry workshop. The task was

to create a character from the sound of the



the poem ‘Corncockle’ was written during

the workshop and is the title poem of the

collection of poetry published in 2009:


the image is of a cockerel:

Toes up-picking, stalk legs prancing...

(See title poem)


the wild flower, once common in

cornfields, is now in danger of extinction –

rather like this poet! The drawing, by Liz

Foxbrook, is the logo of Corncockle Press.



Publications 2009:


Corncockle: ISBN  978-0-9562726-1-4

A 5, paperback, perfect bound, 44 pages


Ten Poems for Performance 

ISBN 978-0-9562726-0-7

A 4 booklet, saddle-stitched, 22 pages





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